Gecco Software

Gecco was established in 2016 after the founders, Lisa Metcalfe and Richard Thomas, identified a need in the market for a modern, flexible membership management and engagement solution. 

Lisa has worked in the Membership Association sector since 2004 and has held many contracts to  manage and administer associations including running conferences. Each contract would typically start with a delivery of several boxes of paper and, if lucky, a CD with some spreadsheet data.  

Through her administrative experience Lisa has an excellent understanding of the challenges faced by Membership Associations including the engagement of members, member retention and growth, administrative bottlenecks, and more. 

Lisa recognised the requirement of a database driven system to manage Membership Association data and commissioned Richard to develop a web-based solution to provide this. 

Kane Haftka was brought on board in 2014 as a developer and stepped up in 2016 to drive the development of Gecco into the modern and flexible solution it is today.