Member Engagement


Make it easy for your members to make donations.


Engage your existing members and encourage new membership by providing all conference information and registrations directly through Gecco.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Simplify CPD recording for your members and link to your event attendance automatically.


Encourage your members to post job advertisements, buy, sell and exchange.


Encourage member engagement with discussion areas. These can be made available to all members or restricted to specific membership groups.

Decisions Register

Members can stay in touch with what is happening in your organisation through viewing AGM and other meeting decisions

Shopping Cart

Provide products and virtual content for sale to your members through the shop.


Keep your members coming back - offer events online or in person. Offer special membership rates for your events. Gecco intuitively knows what rate to offer on registration.


Keep your members informed with regular email newsletters that drive them to your website to read more.


Get your members engaged and involved. Let them vote online with our elections module. This can be used for AGM voting or polling of members at any time during the year.


Automated invoicing ensures that your members get their invoices on time. They can view their invoice history and payments on their profile.

Make paying simple by connecting with a payment gateway for Credit Card payments.


Engage your experienced members and encourage them to become mentors. Engage your less experienced members by connecting them with more experienced mentors.


Set up Special Interest Groups and hold discussions and events to engage your members with the topics that pique their interest.


Keep in touch with members via Gecco with individual emails or groups emails. You can email any section or sub-section of your membership.

All emails to any member are viewable in the members' profile.



Leave the data entry to the advertisers! All you do is check their entry and approve it. The invoice will be sent to the advertiser automatically.


Use our website template or have a full custom website built to integrate with Gecco.

Website content is simple to manage using the CMS. No HTML or CSS knowledge required!


Keep a record of all decisions made in committees or general meetings. Save time searching through minutes and easily search historic decisions.


Accept donations smoothly and easily via credit card.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Connect your events to CPD and auto populate CPD entries for attendees. Allow members to upload their CPD events. Approve CPD that meets your set of requirements.


Putting on a conference? No problem! Gecco has you covered.

Set up complex conferences with many scenarios: Multiple presentation streams, multiple fees and ticket types, optional sessions, dinners and social events, products for sale, bulk registrations, and more.


Record disputes and track all actions from raising the dispute to resolution. All information remains on the user profile in the administration only area.

Document versioning

With document version and history you wont lose changes. You can roll back to previous versions whenever necessary.


Dissect your membership in many ways including subscription types, branches, committees, special interest groups, companies and more. Restrict access to areas according to group membership. Send email to specific groups. Report on groups.

Shopping cart

Set up and manage your products and product sales via the shopping cart. Add shipping fees or sell virtual content pages to be made available on payment.


Hold auditable, anonymous elections and voting.

Add your Election issues. Restrict who is allowed to vote. Set the close date and time. Let Gecco do the rest!

Member Profiles

Manage all aspects of a member via their profile. Alongside Gecco standard fields, include your own custom fields. Set fields that can be edited and/or viewed by the member or by administrators only. View outstanding invoices. View all emails that have gone to the member. Record all interactions with the member. Manage their membership status and subscriptions. Use the smart "switch user" tool to assist the member with queries.


Send emails to individuals or groups including: subscription groups, branches, committees, individuals with certain roles, non-members and more.


Setting up and managing events in Gecco is a breeze! Manage all of your events with easy and targeted ticketing and automated invoicing. Ensure only members or certain groups can get discount prices. Connect your event attendance CPD and automatically update member CPD based on event attendance.


Automate invoicing in all modules of Gecco including: membership applications, subscription renewals, shop purchases, classifieds advertising, conferences, and events.

Integrate with Xero for accountant level financial management and reporting.


Manage all of your subscription needs. Rolling subscriptions (renew on member anniversary) or periodic subscriptions with a pro rata payment in the first year. Set subscriptions to renew as another subscription if you have stages of membership. Set a grace period on subscriptions so the subscription will automatically expire after a set time if the fee is not paid. Set up automatic subscription reminders and more.....


Send out regular newsletter emails that link to the full newsletter on your website. Allow for unsubscribes.

Payment gateways

Connect Gecco with your payment gateway for instant payments via credit card.

New member applications

Set up member applications online. Add application fees and auto invoice on acceptance.

Board Support


Set up multiple committees and committee roles. Provide restricted areas for document storage and discussions.

Membership growth and retention

Grow and retain your members with Gecco's wide range of engagement tools.


Record decisions and easily search them to keep you informed on past actions during meetings.


Set up branches and branch committees with their own restricted areas for documents and discussions


Automate invoicing and statements for smarter cash flow management.

Use credit card payment gateways for instant payment.

Integrate with Xero for accountant level financial reporting and management.


Run elections and polling online with Gecco's secure, anonymous voting system.


Decision-making made easy with accurate, immediate reporting.