Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand

Using Gecco Software has made life easier for Carole Unkovich, administrator for the Practice Managers and Administrators Association of New Zealand.

She explains: “Our previous system was not well organised for a membership organisation. It couldn’t handle events or other things very well. Three years ago I said to our treasurer, ‘what we’re doing isn’t working’.”

PMAANZ’s treasurer researched available options in the market, selecting Gecco. “I was very excited by the test site, and liked what I saw,” says Carole.

Since then, PMAANZ and Carole have been very satisfied Gecco users.

“I really love the email function to members. It saves me heaps of time. Being able to easily engage with members, and send out emails via the system is life changing!”

Picture of Carole Unkovich

Carole Unkovich

“Gecco is our third system. I like it because we can add on modules, and it has been a big timesaver. Support has been brilliant from the very beginning and continues to be. I find the team very approachable. If there’s something I can’t do, I’ll email them. They will often build things based on our requests and roll them out to everyone.

“Recently, Gecco wrote a report for me, that meant I could extract the information I needed for my board within five minutes. That saved me hours of work. The team is always available to help and I feel really supported.”

Carole recently joined the Gecco administrator network, connecting administrators around the country, to share experiences and ideas. “It’s amazing,” she says.

Ease of use, speed, and having all the history in the Gecco system for member communications is excellent for PMAANZ, and replaces a previously cumbersome process that included manual workarounds. The time saved has been huge, says Carole.

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